Web Design Agency

Our Agency is based in Switzerland with an outstanding reputation for quality, bespoke designs across all digital campaigns - including eCommerce web design and responsive website design. 

With over a decade of experience, Hallka is an energetic, fresh and vibrant team offering creative talent, industry knowledge and extremely high standards. All of our team members have degrees in both Graphic Design and Web Design. We work with ambitious Start Up Businesses through to large global organisations. 

Website Design & Digital Marketing

We produce slick and stylish sites that stand out from the crowd, and our solutions range from simple web presences right through to large e-commerce stores. Our team is highly skilled at delivering the absolute highest quality websites that we can – sites which make you look twice.

Our approach is to ask questions, listen, learn, and then use appropriate technologies to deliver a solution that ticks all the right boxes.


Web Design

We help turn ideas into reality, and work with the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that your new website is bang up-to-date, and stands out from the crowd.


You can have the best looking and the most impressive website in the world, but if it doesn’t get any visitors, it’s next to useless. We’ve refined our SEO skills through years of research, practice and first-hand experience on our own websites.

social media

Social signals are the likes, shares, views or retweets that people do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These signals indicate that your website or brand is being talked about by consumers, and there is a strong correlation that these improve your Google rankings when combined with other factors.


We develop cost-effective advertising campaigns across all online, Google AdWords, social media and traditional media. We’ll turn your marketing budget from an overhead to an investment.